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25-Point Authentication

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We understand the importance of a thorough inspection process to ensure the authenticity and condition of your timepiece. Our 25-point watch inspection covers every detail of the watch and its movement, leaving no stone unturned. Learn more about each point we focus on below.

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Case and Serial Numbers: We verify the authenticity and consistency of the case and serial numbers, checking them against the manufacturer's records.


Case Condition: We carefully examine the case for any signs of wear, scratches, or damage.


Dial: We inspect the dial for any signs of discoloration, fading, or damage, ensuring it matches the manufacturer's specifications.


Hands: We check the hands for proper alignment, integrity, and correct shape.


Hour Markers: We examine the hour markers for consistency, alignment, and any signs of deterioration.


Crystal: We assess the condition of the crystal, checking for scratches, chips, or other damage.


Bezel: We inspect the bezel for any signs of wear, dents, or misalignment.


Bracelet/Strap: We examine the bracelet or strap for wear, flexibility, and the presence of any genuine brand markings.


Clasp/Buckle: We ensure the clasp or buckle functions properly and bears the appropriate brand markings.


Movement: We carefully examine the movement, assessing its condition, accuracy, and functionality.


Crown: We check the crown for proper operation, smooth winding, and the presence of the brand logo.


Case Back: We inspect the case back for any engravings, hallmarks, or other relevant markings.


Water Resistance: We test the water resistance of the watch, ensuring it meets the manufacturer's specifications.


Lume: We assess the luminosity of the hands and hour markers, verifying their brightness and longevity.


Date Function: If applicable, we test the date function to ensure it operates smoothly and accurately.


Power Reserve: We check the power reserve of the watch, confirming it aligns with the manufacturer's specifications.


Functionality: We test all functions of the watch, including any additional complications, to ensure they work as intended.


Engravings: We examine any engravings on the watch, verifying their authenticity and legibility.


Documentation: We review the accompanying documentation, such as the certificate of authenticity and warranty, ensuring they are genuine and consistent.


Database Check: We consult reputable databases to ensure the watch has a clean history and is not associated with any theft or fraud.


Rehaut Alignment: We examine the alignment of the rehaut, which is the inner edge of the dial, ensuring it is perfectly aligned with the hour markers.


Chronograph Function (if applicable): For watches with a chronograph complication, we test the accuracy and smooth operation of the chronograph function, including the start, stop, and reset functions.


Polishing Marks: We carefully inspect the watch for any signs of polishing marks, ensuring that no polishing was done or any previous polishing has been done professionally and does not compromise the original finish.


Strap/Bracelet Fit: We check the fit of the strap or bracelet, ensuring it is properly sized and comfortable for the wearer.


Laser Etching: We examine any laser-etched markings, such as the serial number or logo, to verify their authenticity and precision.

By conducting this comprehensive 25-point watch inspection, we aim to provide our customers with peace of mind, knowing that their watch has been meticulously examined by our expert team.

Send us your inquiry, and one of our representatives will be in touch within 24 hours. 

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