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Private Planes & Travel

AssetAppeal's Private jet broker division serves a unique purpose in the industry, providing individuals and businesses interested in chartering, renting, leasing, or purchasing private jets with information, resources, and concierge service in locating, negotiating, and closing the best deals.


From ultra-light jets to massive executive class aircrafts the sky is the limit. Need a jet short notice for an impromptu weekend retreat? A broker can move quickly and efficiently to make that happen. Planning a company conference and need to book a jumbo airliner custom outfitted to enhance productivity? A broker can do that too.


Services Include:

  • Buying and selling 

  • Private Jet Charter Services

  • Fractional Jet Ownership

  • Membership in a private jet club

Send us your inquiry, and one of our representatives will be in touch within 24 hours. 

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